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 We use USPS to ship. 

PATCHES/SWAG: We drop ship every Saturday morning. Because of the volume we experience in short bursts (i.e patch drops) CURRENTLY we do not send out tracking information. That does not mean we do not have it on file though, If a few day's pass after the drop ship time frame you ordered on and you have not received your package then email us and we will get it sorted out.

GEAR: All gear is shipped the same day, check our social media for any delay times.


 SWAG and STUFF : All sales are final, if you mess up it's on you. If we mess up your order (it happens sometimes) we normally try to compensate you via free stuff, If being bribed doesn't cut it for you then we will refund you 100 percent of your order. 

GEAR: All gear sales are final within reason. If you decide to use your gear for something it's not designed for we cannot help you.

 Emails are answered daily if possible, we have a pretty good track record with customer satisfaction but most importantly, we cannot help you if you don't reach out!

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