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We would stop the agencies hell bent on enforcing the most ludicrous and arbitrary of policies and laws, dead in their tracks, if we simply meme'd their supply chains of armorers, outfitters, and instructors into unprofitably. There is a carefully curated zeitgeist amongst the terminally online gun culture that would make Edward Bernays jealous, it gives enablers a pass, so long as they market aiding the very people who will come destroy your life or your rights, with shitty dubstep, dog shit philosophy quotes, and DSLR action shots. You know it, I know it, we all have something in the back of our head saying "maybe it's not such a good idea to give my state police, who's hobby is covering down on ATF raids, or FBI weekly wrong think no knocks, a bunch of armored vehicles, explosives, and helicopters or the knowledge to use them like they're pushing into Baghdad" but any dissent or detractors who point out the obvious short sidedness of this are banned, blocked, ostracized, denigrated, or deleted. We're here to give you to throw you a life raft in the Nanny States Sea of Gaslighting to let you know you're not alone, and remember, friends do not let friends ingest seed oils.

#1 "he's watching you" (gloss & matte 4"x3") 1 per order

#2 "Victory Garden" (gloss 4"x3") 1 per order


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