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JAF Jacket

These were bought to chop up for a now abandoned project. They all come with liners. The liners are thermal but not the same quality as a USGI liner, however a regular US liner should be interchangeable. These are not the true Jordanian Amoeba color scheme but are a slightly darker hued variant, as to why, the lore behind it is unknown. It could be an abandoned Gen 2, branch variant, misprinted pattern, or even made after the fact as copies, there are no official military markings in any of them. The closest thing these resemble are the wet weather tops the Jordanian Air Force briefly had before being retired in favor of the digital they now use. They're all reversible with the old desert night pattern inside. There are a total of 4 manufacturers including a generic "made in China". Some have missing tags that were already cut out when they were bought.

The sizes run fairly true to US military sizes, if you're a large long US, you'll more than likely be a large long in this. The liner does cause it to be a bit tighter if you have a big chest or big arms. ALL SALES ARE FINAL, if you are of a wonky build and need help sizing email or DM on Instagram and we'll square you away.

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