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The Hyde is a low visibility chest rack made to work in a fully functional state right out of the box with no additional attachments necessary. Named after the infamous fictional Mr. Hyde, and modeled around popular "slick" plate carriers, the Hyde was designed to carry everything you need while maintaining a low signature under most overshirts/jackets. It is not purpose built as a belly band but can and does function well as one. There will be no gen 2 or 3, etc. Every upgrade or attachment we make will fit onto the one you buy today. We currently recommend waist sizes from 30 up to 38 when worn without plates, and plate sizes S-L. Although it can function on larger waists it may cause discomfort due to it's elastic cummerbund and as always when sizing low pro gear, please understand your body type. The Hyde comes warrentied on a case by case basis, although it has been tested in an overt capacity, rigorously, we do not advise it to be used in that manner. This is meant to go UNDER protective clothing. That being said we offer a 100% refund and free exchange to anyone who is wounded in combat while wearing one. We currently only offer these to US based customers. Any questions feel free to drop our customer service an email.

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