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The Hyde
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Purpose built, concealable chest rack, The Hyde was designed to carry just enough to get you off the X. Although The Hyde only has 3 mag pouches, 1 horizontal radio pouch, 2 vertical radio pouches and 4 pistol pouches, everything was designed to be multi purpose and as a stand alone rack adaptable to a myriad of missions. Almost all of The Hyde is hollow, allowing you to route radio cables through and avoid birds nests. The back is held together via a bungie loop for quick and easy transitioning between missions requiring plates and those that don’t but can easily be replaced with 550 cord if you need something stronger. The Hyde can fit AR and AK mags but we do not recommend AK unless you take some time to stretch the elastic out. The Hyde is tough, we’ve had any where from beat cops to Q course students to OGA guys beat this thing into the ground, and we stand by that with a 1 year warranty. However, it is a case by case basis and our warranty is for its scope of use (under clothing, not low crawling through gravel pits)The use of AK mags also voids the warranty. Any questions feel free to email us or contact us via IG.

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